Merge #19754: wallet, gui: Reload previously loaded wallets on startup

<pre>Merge #19754: wallet, gui: Reload previously loaded wallets on startup f1ee37319a7a211e5fb325406d62db5b61dbd30e wallet: Reload previously loaded wallets on GUI startup (Andrew Chow) Pull request description: Enable the GUI to also use the load_on_startup feature. Wallets loaded in the GUI always have load_on_startup=true. When they are unloaded from the GUI, load_on_startup=false. To facilitate this change, UpdateWalletSetting is moved into the wallet module and called from within LoadWallet, RemoveWallet, and Createwallet. This change does not actually touch the GUI code but rather the wallet functions that are shared between the GUI and RPC. ACKs for top commit: jonasschnelli: Tested ACK f1ee37319a7a211e5fb325406d62db5b61dbd30e - works as expected. Wallets loaded via bitcoin-cli (in `-server` mode) or through the RPC console won't be loaded on startup but wallets loaded via the GUI menu will. kristapsk: ACK f1ee37319a7a211e5fb325406d62db5b61dbd30e, I have tested the code. Tree-SHA512: f5b44aa763cf761d919015c5fbc0600b72434aa71e3b57007fd7530a29c3da1a9a0c98c4f22cb6cdffba61150a31170056a7d4737625e7b76f6958f3d584da8c</pre>

Merge #19805: wallet: Avoid deserializing unused records when salvaging

<pre>Merge #19805: wallet: Avoid deserializing unused records when salvaging 0bbe26a1af2aab2287b18048f80b3f70e63e0044 wallet: filter for keys only before record deser in salvage (Andrew Chow) 544e12a4e81633d222574eec253a1ff292d3c4a5 walletdb: Add KeyFilterFn to ReadKeyValue (Andrew Chow) Pull request description: When salvaging a wallet, the only things that matter are the private keys. It is not necessary to attempt to deserialize any other records, especially if those records are corrupted too. This PR adds a `KeyFilterFn` function callback to `ReadKeyValue` that salvage uses to filter for only the records that it wants. Of course doing it this way also lets us do other filters in the future from other places should we so desire. ACKs for top commit: ryanofsky: Code review ACK 0bbe26a1af2aab2287b18048f80b3f70e63e0044. Looks great! This should make the recovery code more robust. Normally it'd be good to have a test case for the problem this fixes, but Marco already wrote one in #19078, so I think we're covered laanwj: Code review ACK 0bbe26a1af2aab2287b18048f80b3f70e63e0044 Tree-SHA512: 8e3ee283a22a79273915711c4fb751f3c9b02ce94e6bf08dc468f1cfdf9fac35c693bbfd2435ce43c3a06c601b9b0a67e209621f6814bedfe3bc7a7ccc37bb01</pre>

Merge #19671: wallet: Remove -zapwallettxes

<pre>Merge #19671: wallet: Remove -zapwallettxes 3340dbadd38f5624642cf0e14dddbe6f83a3863b Remove -zapwallettxes (Andrew Chow) Pull request description: It's not clear what use there is to keeping `-zapwallettxes` given that it's intended usage has been superseded by `abandontransaction`. So this removes it outright. Alternative to #19700 ACKs for top commit: meshcollider: utACK 3340dbadd38f5624642cf0e14dddbe6f83a3863b fanquake: ACK 3340dbadd38f5624642cf0e14dddbe6f83a3863b - remaining manpage references will get cleaned up pre-release. Tree-SHA512: 3e58e1ef6f4f94894d012b93e88baba3fb9c2ad75b8349403f9ce95b80b50b0b4f443cb623cf76c355930db109f491b3442be3aa02972e841450ce52cf545fc8</pre>