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Merge #21572: Fix wrong wallet RPC context set after #21366

<pre>Merge #21572: Fix wrong wallet RPC context set after #21366 937fd4a66f048780bffc5e714d0c800de987ce93 Fix wrong wallet RPC context set after #21366 (Russell Yanofsky) Pull request description: This bug doesn't have any effects currently because it only affects external signer RPCs which aren't currently using the wallet context, but it does cause an appveyor failure in a upcoming PR: https://ci.appveyor.com/project/DrahtBot/bitcoin/builds/38512882 This bug is subtle and could have been avoided if JSONRPCRequest didn't have constructors that were so loose with type checking. Suggested change https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/21366#issuecomment-792044351 eliminates these and would be a good followup for a future PR. This PR just implements the simplest possible fix. ACKs for top commit: theStack: Code-review ACK 937fd4a66f048780bffc5e714d0c800de987ce93 meshcollider: Code review ACK 937fd4a66f048780bffc5e714d0c800de987ce93 Tree-SHA512: 53e6265ed6c7abb47d2b3e77d1604edfeb993c3a2440f0c19679cfeb23516965e6707ff486196a0acfbeff21c79a9a08b5cd33bae9a232d33d0134bca1bd0ff3</pre>