Merge #20466: test: Fix intermittent p2p_fingerprint issue

<pre>Merge #20466: test: Fix intermittent p2p_fingerprint issue fad7be584ffaf8099cc099d9378ba831c9483260 test: Fix intermittent p2p_finerprint issue (MarcoFalke) Pull request description: A single sync_with_ping can't be used to drop a block announcement, as the block might be sent *after* the ping has been responded to. Fix that by waiting for the block. ACKs for top commit: theStack: ACK fad7be584ffaf8099cc099d9378ba831c9483260 Tree-SHA512: d43ba9d07273486858f65a26326cc6637ef743bf7b400e5048ba7eac266fb1893283e6503dd49f179caa1abab2977315fb70ba9fba34be9a817a74259d8e4034</pre>

Merge #20540: test: Fix wallet_multiwallet issue on windows

<pre>Merge #20540: test: Fix wallet_multiwallet issue on windows fada2dfcac1c4b47ee76b877d91d515cf1d36410 test: Fix wallet_multiwallet issue on windows (MarcoFalke) Pull request description: The error message on windows: &gt; 2020-11-30T18:10:47.536032Z ListWalletDir: Error scanning C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\test_runner_&#8383;_&#127939;_20201130_181042\wallet_multiwallet_0\node0\regtest\wallets\self_walletdat_symlink: boost::filesystem::status: The name of the file cannot be resolved by the system: "C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\test_runner_&#8383;_&#127939;_20201130_181042\wallet_multiwallet_0\node0\regtest\wallets\self_walletdat_symlink\wallet.dat" ACKs for top commit: promag: Code review ACK fada2dfcac1c4b47ee76b877d91d515cf1d36410. Although it could ignore (don't log) directories that lead to no permission error. fanquake: ACK fada2dfcac1c4b47ee76b877d91d515cf1d36410 Tree-SHA512: b475162cc3cd1574209d916605b229a79c8089714295f5e16569b71f958f0007d54dc76833938492d931387784588b11b73e3ef00f963540af42c079417f8d72</pre>

Merge #20522: [test] Fix sync issue in disconnect_p2ps

<pre>Merge #20522: [test] Fix sync issue in disconnect_p2ps 3ebde2143aa98af213872b98b474d904e55056f7 [test] Fix wait condition in disconnect_p2ps (Amiti Uttarwar) Pull request description: #19315 currently has a [test failure](https://cirrus-ci.com/task/4545582645641216) because of a race. `disconnect_p2ps` is intended to have a `wait_until` clause that prevents this race, but the conditional doesn't match since its comparing two different object types. `MY_SUBVERSION` is defined in messages.py as a byte string, but is compared to the value returned by the RPC. This PR simply converts types to ensure they match, which should prevent the race from occurring. HUGE PROPS TO jnewbery for discovering the issue &#128270; ACKs for top commit: jnewbery: ACK 3ebde2143aa98af213872b98b474d904e55056f7 glozow: Code review ACK https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/20522/commits/3ebde2143aa98af213872b98b474d904e55056f7 Tree-SHA512: ca096b80a3e4d757a645f38846d6dc89d6a3d35c3435513a72d278e305faddd4aff9e75a767941b51b2abbf59c82679bac1e9a0140d6f285efe3053e51bcc2a8</pre>