scripted-diff: Rename SendMessage to SendZmqMessage.

<pre>scripted-diff: Rename SendMessage to SendZmqMessage. Windows headers define SendMessage as a macro, which leads to problems with the method name "SendMessage". To circumvent this, we rename the method to "SendZmqMessage". -BEGIN VERIFY SCRIPT- sed -i 's/SendMessage/SendZmqMessage/g' src/zmq/zmqpublishnotifier.* -END VERIFY SCRIPT-</pre>

scripted-diff: add FUZZ_SUITE_LDFLAGS_COMMON

<pre>scripted-diff: add FUZZ_SUITE_LDFLAGS_COMMON -BEGIN VERIFY SCRIPT- sed -i -e 's/\$(RELDFLAGS) \$(AM_LDFLAGS) \$(LIBTOOL_APP_LDFLAGS)$/\$(FUZZ_SUITE_LDFLAGS_COMMON)/' src/Makefile.test.include patch -p1 &lt;&lt; "EOF" --- a/src/Makefile.test.include +++ b/src/Makefile.test.include @@ -323,6 +323,8 @@ endif if ENABLE_FUZZ +FUZZ_SUITE_LDFLAGS_COMMON = $(RELDFLAGS) $(AM_LDFLAGS) $(LIBTOOL_APP_LDFLAGS) + test_fuzz_addition_overflow_CPPFLAGS = $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(BITCOIN_INCLUDES) test_fuzz_addition_overflow_CXXFLAGS = $(AM_CXXFLAGS) $(PIE_FLAGS) test_fuzz_addition_overflow_LDADD = $(FUZZ_SUITE_LD_COMMON) EOF -END VERIFY SCRIPT-</pre>

scripted-diff: [net processing] Rename PeerLogicValidation to PeerMan…

<pre>scripted-diff: [net processing] Rename PeerLogicValidation to PeerManager -BEGIN VERIFY SCRIPT- sed -i 's/PeerLogicValidation/PeerManager/g' $(git grep -l PeerLogicValidation ./src ./test) sed -i 's/peer_logic/peerman/g' $(git grep -l peer_logic ./src ./test) -END VERIFY SCRIPT- PeerLogicValidation was originally net_processing's implementation to the validation interface. It has since grown to contain much of net_processing's logic. Therefore rename it to reflect its responsibilities. Suggested in</pre>

scripted-diff: Rename `OUTBOUND` ConnectionType to `OUTBOUND_FULL_RELAY`

<pre>scripted-diff: Rename `OUTBOUND` ConnectionType to `OUTBOUND_FULL_RELAY` -BEGIN VERIFY SCRIPT- sed -i 's/OUTBOUND, /OUTBOUND_FULL_RELAY, /g' src/net.h sed -i 's/ConnectionType::OUTBOUND/ConnectionType::OUTBOUND_FULL_RELAY/g' src/test/net_tests.cpp src/test/fuzz/process_message.cpp src/test/fuzz/process_messages.cpp src/net.cpp src/test/denialofservice_tests.cpp src/net.h src/test/fuzz/net.cpp -END VERIFY SCRIPT-</pre>

scripted-diff: gArgs -> args

<pre>scripted-diff: gArgs -&gt; args -BEGIN VERIFY SCRIPT- # Replace gArgs with args sed -i 's/\&lt;gArgs\&gt;/args/g' src/init.cpp src/bitcoind.cpp sed -i 's/&amp;args;/\&amp;gArgs;/g' src/init.cpp # Format changed lines git diff -U0 | clang-format-diff -p1 -i -v -END VERIFY SCRIPT-</pre>