Merge #18531: rpc: remove deprecated CRPCCommand constructor

<pre>Merge #18531: rpc: remove deprecated CRPCCommand constructor faaf9c58e4aa809019d4ca12747dd47411988e37 remove CRPCCommand constructor that takes rpcfn_type function pointer (MarcoFalke) fa19bb2cd8c575593583138a84e6bb3444d6196d remove dead rpc code (MarcoFalke) Pull request description: Remove the CRPCCommand arguments, now that they are asserted to be equal and thus redundant ### Future work &gt; Here or follow up, makes sense to also assert type of returned UniValue? Sure, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. I am going to submit any further works as follow-ups, including: * Removing all python regex linters on the args, now that RPCMan can be used to generate any output, including the cli.cpp table * Auto-formatting and sanity checking the RPCExamples with RPCMan * Checking passed-in json in self-check. Removing redundant checks * Checking returned json against documentation to avoid regressions or false documentation * Compile the RPC documentation at compile-time to ensure it doesn't change at runtime and is completely static ### Bugs found * The assert identified issue #18607 * The changes itself fixed bug #19250 ACKs for top commit: fjahr: tested ACK faaf9c58e4aa809019d4ca12747dd47411988e37 promag: Tested ACK faaf9c58e4aa809019d4ca12747dd47411988e37. ryanofsky: Code review ACK faaf9c58e4aa809019d4ca12747dd47411988e37. Two obviously good simplifications. Tree-SHA512: 5de3b440f7b2ed2c3e86655d4f0e2e5df9c67e8ce3c7817d5ea5311d1a38690f2f3e28fab41aad6936be9fc884326d037e5f19e85d4d2fe281474dada13911ee</pre>

Merge #20125: rpc, wallet: Expose database format in getwalletinfo

<pre>Merge #20125: rpc, wallet: Expose database format in getwalletinfo 624bab00dd2cc8e2ebd77dc0a669bc8d507c3721 test: add coverage for getwalletinfo format field (Jon Atack) 5e737a009234cbd7cf53748d3d28a2da5221192f rpc, wallet: Expose database format in getwalletinfo (Jo&atilde;o Barbosa) Pull request description: Support for sqlite based wallets was added in #19077. This PR adds the `format` key in `getwalletinfo` response, that can be `bdb` or `sqlite`. ACKs for top commit: jonatack: Tested ACK 624bab00dd2cc8e2ebd77dc0a669bc8d507c3721 laanwj: Code review ACK 624bab00dd2cc8e2ebd77dc0a669bc8d507c3721. MarcoFalke: doesn't hurt ACK 624bab00dd2cc8e2ebd77dc0a669bc8d507c3721 hebasto: ACK 624bab00dd2cc8e2ebd77dc0a669bc8d507c3721, tested on Linux Mint 20 (x86_64). meshcollider: utACK 624bab00dd2cc8e2ebd77dc0a669bc8d507c3721 Tree-SHA512: a81f8530f040f6381d33e073a65f281993eccfa717424ab6e651c1203cbaf27794dcb7175570459e7fdaa211565bc060d0a3ecbe70d2b6f9c49b8d5071e4441c</pre>