Merge #18004: build: don’t embed a build-id when building libdmg-hfsplus

<pre>Merge #18004: build: don't embed a build-id when building libdmg-hfsplus cb9e88e73a042ff4e1c83289a6f8fa1db03fb093 build: don't embed a build-id when building libdmg-hfsplus (fanquake) Pull request description: There was a [reproducibility issue (IRC logs)]( with the osx `0.19.1rc1` gitian builds. The `build-id` embedded into the `dmg` tool was mismatching. It's possible that differing versions of binutils/ld were the cause. While it was resolved after rebuilding the base gitian image, whether an upstream package issue or fluke, we can remove the possibility of it happening in future by just not embedding a build-id into the `dmg` tool at all. Can close if it's not deemed worth it. You can test this change using the following: ```bash # build libdmg make native_libdmg-hfsplus_built -C depends/ HOST=x86_64-apple-darwin16 -j6 V=1 # master readelf --string-dump /bitcoin/depends/work/build/x86_64-apple-darwin16/native_libdmg-hfsplus/7ac55ec64c96f7800d9818ce64c79670e7f02b67-3830944ef98/build/dmg/dmg String dump of section '': [ c] GNU [ 11] CjRa?]?^V8?v?;%n?? # this pr readelf --string-dump /bitcoin/depends/work/build/x86_64-apple-darwin16/native_libdmg-hfsplus/7ac55ec64c96f7800d9818ce64c79670e7f02b67-a72f53ab110/build/dmg/dmg readelf: Warning: Section '' was not dumped because it does not exist! ``` ACKs for top commit: laanwj: tested ACK cb9e88e73a042ff4e1c83289a6f8fa1db03fb093 Tree-SHA512: 191eed32ed0a04a908f9c1b22188180b2db2f35bae0281940f0f9da2450c5c6807cd6ff5bbcce7c933a9133387b127c3478f7a39a2918c14f17be19fd9ea19b4</pre>

Merge #17398: build: Update leveldb to 1.22+

<pre>Merge #17398: build: Update leveldb to 1.22+ 677fb8e92380d4deb6a3753047c01f7cf7b5af91 test: Add ubsan surpression for crc32c (Wladimir J. van der Laan) 8e68bb1ddeca504bedd40aee8492b5478a88c1e5 build: Disable msvc warning 4722 for leveldb build (Aaron Clauson) be23949765e1b2e050574c6c2a136658a89dee5d build: MSVC changes for leveldb update (Aaron Clauson) 9ebdf047578f0da7e6578d0c51c32f55e84ac157 build: CRC32C build system integration (Wladimir J. van der Laan) 402252a8081e25f22aa1a5c60708714cf1d84ec4 build: Add LCOV exception for crc32c (Wladimir J. van der Laan) 3a037d0067c2c12a1c2c800fb85613a0a2911253 test: Add crc32c exception to various linters and generation scripts (Wladimir J. van der Laan) 84ff1b2076ef91ce688930d0aa0a7f4078ef3e1d test: Add crc32c to subtree check linter (Wladimir J. van der Laan) 7cf13a513409c18d18dff2f6203b3630937b487d doc: Add crc32c subtree to developer notes (Wladimir J. van der Laan) 24d02a9ac00a82d172b171f73554a882df264c80 build: Update build system for new leveldb (Wladimir J. van der Laan) 2e1819311a59fb5cb26e3ca50a510bfe01358350 Squashed 'src/crc32c/' content from commit 224988680f7673cd7c769963d4035cb315aa3388 (Wladimir J. van der Laan) 66480821b36c839ab7615cb9309850015bceadb0 Squashed 'src/leveldb/' changes from f545dfabff4c2e9836efed094dba99a34fbc6b88..f8ae182c1e5176d12e816fb2217ae33a5472fdd7 (Wladimir J. van der Laan) Pull request description: This updates leveldb to currently newest upstream commit - CRC32C hardware acceleration is now an external library [crc32c]( This adds acceleration on ARM, and should be faster on x86 because of using prefetch. It also makes it easy to support similar instruction sets on other platforms in the future. - Thread handling uses C++11, instead of platform specific code. - Native windows environment was added. No need to maintain our own hacky one, anymore. - Upstream now builds using CMake. This doesn't mean we need to use that (phew), but internal configuration changed to a a series of checks, instead of OS profiles. This means the blanket error "Cannot build leveldb for $host. Please file a bug report' is removed. All changes: Pretty much all our changes have been subsumed by upstream, so we figured it was cleaner to start over with a new branch from upstream with the still-relevant patches applied: There's quite some testing to be done (see below). See and for more history and context. TODO: - [x] Subtree `crc32c` - [x] Make linters happy about crc32 subtree - [x] Integrate `crc32c` library into build system - [x] MSVC build system ACKs for top commit: sipa: ACK 677fb8e92380d4deb6a3753047c01f7cf7b5af91 Tree-SHA512: 37ee92a750e053e924bc4626b12bb3fd81faa9f8c5ebaa343931fee810c45ba05aa6051fdea82535fa351bf2be7297801b98af9469865fc5ead771650a5d6240</pre>