Merge bitcoin/bitcoin#22141: net processing: Remove hash and fValidat…

Merge bitcoin/bitcoin#22141: net processing: Remove hash and fValidatedHeaders from QueuedBlock

2f4ad6b7efa408b8a858e87499bf6cfcdf936d73 scripted-diff: rename MarkBlockAs functions (John Newbery)
2c45f832e87acd11fbd144cc0bb8e49816933c70 [net processing] Tidy up MarkBlockAsReceived() (John Newbery)
62993507336be06490b202b3955d4830a99e9e34 [net processing] Add IsBlockRequested() function (John Newbery)
4e90d2dd0e91e7eb560f2c1b430f13c7a047804f [net processing] Remove QueuedBlock.hash (John Newbery)
156a19ee6a22789adedcb6ab067c2eca2d3bfdfe scripted-diff: rename nPeersWithValidatedDownloads (John Newbery)
b03de9c7538d85b12929a62b9ec966fd3910e660 [net processing] Remove CNodeState.nBlocksInFlightValidHeaders (John Newbery)
b4e29f2436943c131dd25b123d13a25ce09bab58 [net processing] Remove QueuedBlock.fValidatedHeaders (John Newbery)
85e058b19145b5068f2f71a90c1182bf2a93c473 [net processing] Remove unnecessary hash arg from MarkBlockAsInFlight() (John Newbery)

Pull request description:

  The QueuedBlock struct contains a `fValidatedHeaders` field that indicates whether we have already validated a header for the requested block. Since headers-first syncing, we only request blocks where the header is already validated, so `fValidatedHeaders` is always true. Remove it and clean up the logic that uses that field.

  Likewise, QueuedBlock contains a `hash` field that is set to the block hash. Since headers-first syncing, we always have a CBlockIndex, which contains the block hash, so remove the redundant `hash` field.

  Tidy up the logic and rename functions to better indicate what they're doing.

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