Merge bitcoin/bitcoin#22008: wallet: Cleanup and refactor CreateTrans…

Merge bitcoin/bitcoin#22008: wallet: Cleanup and refactor CreateTransactionInternal

96c2c9520e80ee4fed92f0e1ab859d59fcbdb110 scripted-diff: Rename SelectCoinsMinConf to AttemptSelection (Andrew Chow)
b583f73354c617ede9145f9738f13cedf1c13e08 Move vin filling to before final fee setting (Andrew Chow)
d39cac0547c960df0a890e89f43b458147b4b07a Set m_subtract_fee_outputs during recipients vector loop (Andrew Chow)
364e0698a543a19e81ae407cc523970e6ed924e8 Move variable initializations to where they are used (Andrew Chow)
32ab430651594ed3d10a6ed75f19de5197f0e9b0 Move recipients vector checks to beginning of CreateTransaction (Andrew Chow)
cd1d6d3324a841087f6d5da723394e8d7df07ec7 Rename nSubtractFeeFromAmount in CreateTransaction (Andrew Chow)
dac21c793f8fbb4d5debc55ac97c406c7c93ff48 Rename nValue and nValueToSelect (Andrew Chow)
d2aee3bbc765a1f02e4ceadb2fa5928ac524f1a7 Remove extraneous scope in CreateTransactionInternal (Andrew Chow)
b2995963b5d0b9bca503b0cc69c747f4cedec1e4 Move cs_wallet lock in CreateTransactionInternal to top of function (Andrew Chow)

Pull request description:

  #17331 did some refactors and cleanup of `CreateTransactionInternal` to make it easier to understand, however it is still a bit convoluted even though it doesn't have to be. This PR does additional cleanup and refactoring to `CreateTransactionInternal` so that it is easier to understand. Some unnecessary code was removed, some variables moved around to where they matter, and several indents removed.

ACKs for top commit:
    reACK 96c2c95
    Code review ACK 96c2c9520e80ee4fed92f0e1ab859d59fcbdb110 also acked previously (was reverted).
    re-utACK 96c2c9520e80ee4fed92f0e1ab859d59fcbdb110

Tree-SHA512: 3dba67ed436968a07bfd82d435d566ad74e116c6e50ac9baed7144a46ad5c0f630b1ba59d91e8e8972ac2af559d7c0576f0560f09684d2ab20fad6689902866f

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