Merge bitcoin-core/gui#4: UI external signer support (e.g. hardware w…

Merge bitcoin-core/gui#4: UI external signer support (e.g. hardware wallet)

1c4b456e1a0ccf0397d652f8c18201c3224c5c21 gui: send using external signer (Sjors Provoost)
24815c6309431cb0797defaf7add1150bcf4b567 gui: wallet creation detects external signer (Sjors Provoost)
3f845ea2994f53e29abeb3fa158c35f1ee56e7e8 node: add externalSigners to interface (Sjors Provoost)
62ac119f919ae1160ed67af796f24b78025fa8e3 gui: display address on external signer (Sjors Provoost)
450cb40a344605dda3bcc39495c35869580b9fc2 wallet: add displayAddress to interface (Sjors Provoost)
eef8d6452962cd4a8956d9ad268164715365b9ab gui: create wallet with external signer (Sjors Provoost)
6cdbc83e9341d1552faee4ccd8c190babc63e8d1 gui: add external signer path to options dialog (Sjors Provoost)

Pull request description:

  Big picture overview in [this gist](

  This PR adds GUI support for external signers, based on the since merged bitcoin/bitcoin#16546 (RPC).

  The UX isn't amazing - especially the blocking calls - but it works.

  First we adds a GUI setting for the signer script (e.g. path to HWI):

  <img width="625" alt="Schermafbeelding 2019-08-05 om 19 32 59" src="">

  Then we add an external signer checkbox to the wallet creation dialog:

  <img width="374" alt="Schermafbeelding 2019-11-07 om 19 17 23" src="">

  It's checked by default if HWI detects a device. It also grabs the name. It then creates a fresh wallet and imports the keys.

  You can verify an address on the device (blocking...):
  <img width="673" alt="Schermafbeelding 2019-08-05 om 19 29 22" src="">

  Sending, including coin selection, Just Works(tm) as long the device is present.

  ~External signer support is enabled by default when the GUI is configured and Boost::Process is present.~

  External signer support remains disabled by default, see

ACKs for top commit:
    Code Review ACK 1c4b456e1a0ccf0397d652f8c18201c3224c5c21
    ACK 1c4b456e1a0ccf0397d652f8c18201c3224c5c21, tested on Linux Mint 20.1 (Qt 5.12.8) with HWW `2.0.2-rc.1`.
    Tested ACK 1c4b456e1a0ccf0397d652f8c18201c3224c5c21 but rebased with e033ca1379, with HWI 2.0.2, with Nano S and Nano X.
    re-code-review ACK 1c4b456e1a0ccf0397d652f8c18201c3224c5c21

Tree-SHA512: 3503113c5c69d40adb6ce364d8e7cae23ce82d032a00474ba9aeb6202eb70f496ef4a6bf2e623e5171e524ad31ade7941a4e0e89539c64518aaec74f4562d86b

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