Merge bitcoin/bitcoin#21817: refactor: Replace &foo[0] with

Merge bitcoin/bitcoin#21817: refactor: Replace &foo[0] with

fac30eec42c486ec1bfd696293040a7aa0f04625 refactor: Replace &foo[0] with (MarcoFalke)
faece47c4706783e0460ed977390a44630b2d44c refactor: Avoid &foo[0] on C-Style arrays (MarcoFalke)
face9611093377e8502d91f2ff56f9319a56357c refactor: Use only one temporary buffer in CreateObfuscateKey (MarcoFalke)
fa05dddc42770809fdae4d9c35155f8117960019 refactor: Use CPubKey vector constructor where possible (MarcoFalke)
fabb6dfe6e734eadd91448122f2ce8c1612c39a6 script: Replace address-of idiom with vector data() method (Guido Vranken)

Pull request description:

  The main theme of this refactor is to replace `&foo[0]` with ``.

  The first commit is taken from #21781 with the rationale:

  * In CSignatureCache::ComputeEntryECDSA, change the way a vector pointer is resolved to prevent invoking undefined behavior if the vector is empty.

  The other commits aim to remove all `&foo[0]`, where `foo` is any kind of byte representation. The rationale:

  * Sometimes alternative code without any raw data pointers is easier to read (refer to the respective commit message for details)
  * If the raw data pointer is needed, `` should be preferred, as pointed out in the developer notes. This addresses the instances that have been missed in commit 592404f03f2b734351d734f0c9ca1fdce997321b, and

ACKs for top commit:
    Code review ACK fac30eec42c486ec1bfd696293040a7aa0f04625
    cr ACK fac30eec42c486ec1bfd696293040a7aa0f04625: patch looks correct
    Code review ACK fac30eec42c486ec1bfd696293040a7aa0f04625.

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