Merge #21376: depends: Qt 5.12.10

Merge #21376: depends: Qt 5.12.10

550ed1bed2e8091616a2d64254efdd217d94e808 build: update qt qpaint non determinism patch for 5.12.10 (fanquake)
6093ae4d30bd3d888eccc4d6cb1c3c1efb7f13fd build: update qt no-xlib patch for 5.12.10 (fanquake)
84928c4e73a6dba46ec47b5b344d24ed0b201c44 build: update qt android jni static patch for 5.12.10 (fanquake)
cc6f47d51a0b3a1bb95a1f2a1b67a6d47cfcaa11 build: update qt lrelease patch for 5.12.10 (fanquake)
286d07ff1778971d7df456cc18a91db813c1a028 build, qt: Fix lib paths in *.pc files (Hennadii Stepanov)
fa5e97e8c2cf93b7afc0d6b0c460700ec18d18f2 build: disable qt SDK version checking (fanquake)
1be8e0f2388e243d310fe7eeb46149a690de4ddf build: Add QMacStyle support (Hennadii Stepanov)
e674e94302dec9933006dde1c18f01a1d4b77d8e build: revert to using Qts internal zlib (fanquake)
06cd0da21fc14360e10204affe240b72715a0267 build: qt 5.12.10 (fanquake)
3272e34f9c548f7e4570d786fd322947e3cf20c6 build: Add xkbcommon 0.8.4 (Hennadii Stepanov)
d769b3372d9833224a5151000ab99048474f8051 build: only pass -optimized-tools to qt in debug mode (fanquake)

Pull request description:

  Switch to Qt 5.12.10 in depends. Based on #21363. This is a much smaller changeset, and should be easier to review than #19716. Also postpones needing to bring a bunch of new libs into depends.

  Big thanks to Hebasto that has been helping with this.

ACKs for top commit:
    Code review ACK 550ed1bed2e8091616a2d64254efdd217d94e808
    ACK 550ed1bed2e8091616a2d64254efdd217d94e808
    ACK 550ed1bed2e8091616a2d64254efdd217d94e808 , tested on macOS 11.2 built from depends

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