Merge #16546: External signer support – Wallet Box edition

Merge #16546: External signer support - Wallet Box edition

f75e0c1edde39a91cc353b0102638e232def9476 doc: add (Sjors Provoost)
d4b0107d68a91ed4d1a5c78c8ca76251329d3f3c rpc: send: support external signer (Sjors Provoost)
245b4457cf9265190a05529a0a97e1cb258cca8a rpc: signerdisplayaddress (Sjors Provoost)
7ebc7c0215979c53b92a436acc8b5b607b8d735a wallet: ExternalSigner: add GetDescriptors method (Sjors Provoost)
fc5da520f5c72287f59823b8a6d748dda49c574a wallet: add GetExternalSigner() (Sjors Provoost)
259f52cc33817a00b91ec9c7d078c07b88db7ab4 test: external_signer wallet flag is immutable (Sjors Provoost)
2655197e1c2dea9536c32afe1482ced4a1f481e9 rpc: add external_signer option to createwallet (Sjors Provoost)
2700f09c4130af6167ce71f46960e92ca800e205 rpc: signer: add enumeratesigners to list external signers (Sjors Provoost)
07b7c940a7da138d55a484ef83fee19ebf58a867 rpc: add external signer RPC files (Sjors Provoost)
8ce7767071779a0170364e6426bd393ed71bf281 wallet: add ExternalSignerScriptPubKeyMan (Sjors Provoost)
157ea7c614950d61bfe405310e2aaabcee31f7a3 wallet: add external_signer flag (Sjors Provoost)
f3e6ce78fba2b31173fe7b606aa9edb5b615bff3 test: add external signer test (Sjors Provoost)
8cf543f96dcd6fdfac1367b9e2b1d7d51be8bb76 wallet: add -signer argument for external signer command (Sjors Provoost)
f7eb7ecc6750ab267a979d9268ce5b5d151c26de test: framework: add skip_if_no_external_signer (Sjors Provoost)
87a97941f667483bbf2ab00929e03a2199cb8a62 configure: add --enable-external-signer (Sjors Provoost)

Pull request description:

  Big picture overview in [this gist](

  This PR lets `bitcoind` call an arbitrary command `-signer=<cmd>`, e.g. a hardware wallet driver,  where it can fetch public keys, ask to display an address, and sign a transaction (using PSBT under the hood).

  It's design to work with, which supports multiple hardware wallets. Any command with the same arguments and return values will work. It simplifies the manual procedure described [here](

  Usage is documented in [doc/](, which also describes what protocol a different signer binary should conform to.

  Use `--enable-external-signer` to opt in, requires Boost::Process:

  Options used to compile and link:
    with wallet     = yes
    with gui / qt   = no
    external signer = yes

  It adds the following RPC methods:
  * `enumeratesigners`: asks <cmd> for a list of signers (e.g. devices) and their master key fingerprint
  * `signerdisplayaddress <address>`:  asks <cmd> to display an address

  It enhances the following RPC methods:
  * `createwallet`: takes an additional `external_signer` argument and fetches keys from device
  * `send`: automatically sends transaction to device and waits

  Usage TL&DR:
  * clone HWI repo somewhere and launch `bitcoind -signer=../HWI/`
  * check if you can see your hardware device: `bitcoin-cli enumeratesigners`
  * create wallet and auto import keys `bitcoin-cli createwallet "hww" true true "" true true true`
  * display address on device: `bitcoin-cli signerdisplayaddress ...`
  * to spend, use `send` RPC and approve transaction on device

  - [x] #21127 load wallet flags before everything else
  - [x] #21182 remove mostly pointless BOOST_PROCESS macro

  Potentially useful followups:
  - GUI support: bitcoin-core/gui#4
  - bumpfee support
  - (automatically) verify (a subset of) keys on the device after import, through message signing

ACKs for top commit:
    re-ACK f75e0c1edde39a91cc353b0102638e232def9476

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