Merge #79: Embed monospaced font

Merge #79: Embed monospaced font

67f26319a0ca7e34e3db17d9330133622a40de09 gui: Add monospaced font settings (Hennadii Stepanov)
22e0114d055b0ac6cdc47af2968b5dc742ba055a qt: Choose monospaced font in C++ code rather in `*.ui` file (Hennadii Stepanov)
623de12d040af89ff7c25de6eb0a19c67179dc5f qt: Make GUIUtil::fixedPitchFont aware of embedded font (Hennadii Stepanov)
89e421918ee8b9c8439317f747e5c37f0733d94b gui: Add Roboto Mono font (Hennadii Stepanov)

Pull request description:

  Qt does not guarantee that the actual applied font matches to the requested one.
  It was noted (
  > the monospace font looks a bit weird no macOS

  ... because it is _not_ monospaced.
  Also some discrepancies I've noted on Windows while testing Qt 5.15 ([#19716](

  Of course, we could check the actual font with `QFontInfo`, and try to choose another font.
  But this PR suggests to just embed a monospaced font, and get the GUI look (partially) independent from a platform.

  [Roboto Mono]( was chosen after discussion with Bitcoin Design community, and due to its [Apache License, Version 2.0](

  Changes are scoped to the Overview page only.


  Screenshots on macOS 10.15.6 (images are simulated by code patching):

  - master (ca30d34cf94b7797272ef1920ca4b48716e7f999)
  ![Screenshot from 2020-09-03 14-10-03](

  - this PR (3fdd5b6bd17a679d6e3876682266092159c52d59)
  ![Screenshot from 2020-09-03 15-41-36](


  More screenshots added after

  - Linux Mint 20.1 + Cinnamon DE


  - Windows 10 (with depends)


  - macOS Big Sur (with depends)


ACKs for top commit:
    Tested ACK 67f26319a0ca7e34e3db17d9330133622a40de09

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