Merge #21062: refactor: return MempoolAcceptResult from ATMP

Merge #21062: refactor: return MempoolAcceptResult from ATMP

53e716ea119658c28935fee24eb50090907c500e [refactor] improve style for touched code (gzhao408)
174cb5330af4b09f3a66974d3bae783ea43b190e [refactor] const ATMPArgs and non-const Workspace (gzhao408)
f82baf0762f60c2ca5ffc339b095f9271d7c2f33 [refactor] return MempoolAcceptResult (gzhao408)
9db10a55061e09021ff8ea1d6637d99f7959035f [refactor] clean up logic in testmempoolaccept (gzhao408)

Pull request description:

  This is the first 4 commits of #20833, and does refactoring only. It should be relatively simple to review, and offers a few nice things:
  - It makes accessing values that don't make sense (e.g. fee) when the tx is invalid an error.
  - Returning `MempoolAcceptResult` from ATMP makes the interface cleaner. The caller can get a const instead of passing in a mutable "out" param.
  - We don't have to be iterating through a bunch of lists for package validation, we can just return a `std::vector<MempoolAcceptResult>`.
  - We don't have to refactor all ATMP call sites again if/when we want to return more stuff from it.

ACKs for top commit:
    ACK 53e716ea119658c28935fee24eb50090907c500e 💿
    Code review ACK 53e716ea119658c28935fee24eb50090907c500e
    Code Review ACK 53e716e, I did tweak a bit the touched paths to see if we had good test coverage. Didn't find holes.

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