Merge #17920: guix: Build support for macOS

Merge #17920: guix: Build support for macOS

f1694757ddbcb3635213b085e864851e285c8c12 guix: Fix typo (Carl Dong)
771c4b98a8693eee642f2b118b3193fe6e022291 guix: README: Add darwin HOSTS entry (Carl Dong)
8dbf18cb1d3260d34ba822ceb12e67b1f124ea13 guix: Check for macOS SDK before building anything (Carl Dong)
34b23f597ec52efb795d72e9e5620712d0010edd guix: Set ZERO_AR_DATE for darwin build determinism (Carl Dong)
f3835dc6a3732dcd4afbb5987f84dc27f2bf55af build: Make xorrisofs reproducible with -volume_date (Carl Dong)
c9eb4cf3a0f81bfd72f06fd43b5610f0a4f5e804 guix: Add support for darwin builds (Carl Dong)
37fe73a092b08fe9d7ce636a1021429de6cda757 build: Add var printing target to src/ (Carl Dong)

Pull request description:

  This PR brings our Guix builds on par with Gitian in terms of supported architectures.

  Reviewers: if you run a build, please submit:

  find output/ -type f -print0 | env LC_ALL=C sort -z | xargs -r0 sha256sum

  So that we can compare hashes and ensure reproducibility!

ACKs for top commit:
    ACK f1694757ddbcb3635213b085e864851e285c8c12 - I think we can make some small usability improvements, but this is ok to merge now.

Tree-SHA512: 4af2b71654a9736467dcc681d10601c6eee37800d7847011a50585455b67b55d61742ca5604585f310a2fd75335b674e5e27dfb5169cb2f26e112aa4c411d8be

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