Merge #19937: signet mining utility

Merge #19937: signet mining utility

595a34dbea01954cb0372b0210d2fd64357a1762 contrib/signet: Document miner script in (Anthony Towns)
ff7dbdc08a11e999e7718b6ac7645ecceef81188 contrib/signet: Add script for generating a signet chain (Anthony Towns)
13762bcc9618138dd28b53c2031defdc9d762d26 Add bitcoin-util command line utility (Anthony Towns)
95d5d5e6257825bb385cee318d5681597f7f7646 rpc: allow getblocktemplate for test chains when unconnected or in IBD (Anthony Towns)
81c54dec20891f2627a49b2e3e785fdaf2a1e664 rpc: update getblocktemplate with signet rule, include signet_challenge (Anthony Towns)

Pull request description:

  Adds `contrib/signet/miner` for mining signet blocks.

  Adds `bitcoin-util` cli utility, with the idea being it can provide bitcoin related functionality that does not rely on the ability to access a running node. Only subcommand currently is "grind" which takes a hex-encoded header and grinds its nonce until its nBits is satisfied.

  Updates `getblocktemplate` to include `signet_challenge` field, and makes `getblocktemplate` require the signet rule when invoked on the signet change. Removes connectivity and IBD checks from `getblocktemplate` when applied to a test chain (regtest, testnet, signet).

ACKs for top commit:
    code review ACK 595a34dbea01954cb0372b0210d2fd64357a1762

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