Merge #20619: guix: Quality of life improvements

Merge #20619: guix: Quality of life improvements

570e43fe72e13e0a82e25f7145704f62b2c2cc52 guix: Print build params inside/outside of container (Carl Dong)
2f9d1fdde66f4713351905ec73487e5288d20f8f guix: Move DISTSRC determination to (Carl Dong)
0b7cd07bb56baa112ffa596fb23a905871031a36 guix: Move OUTDIR determination+creation to (Carl Dong)
d27ff8b86aa66acec63b5713912bd4ad9470e66f guix: Add more sanity checks to (Carl Dong)
57f95331464f097261c63fd1b6040536c58a03fa guix: Add section headings to (Carl Dong)
38b7b2ed72b1f0f57bd9800c7fbb7b7c98a20ed0 genbuild: Specify rev-parse length (Carl Dong)
036dc740da3239cdcc13e0f299ab95b456f7118b docs: Point to contrib/guix/ in doc/ (Carl Dong)
34f0fda2d31d2ada632ca1165b82aebdfd342efe guix: Small updates to README wording (Carl Dong)
402e3a5b1ed9de7057ce9955ea792ad1c2b9f2b5 guix: Update HOSTS README entry for new architectures (Carl Dong)
cfa7ceb21b14d1fa24c2541bf242a0ed539b9e1b guix: Remove README development environment section (Carl Dong)
93b6a8544a03d13733ca2ef769f76df587ad86c8 guix: Add ADDITIONAL_GUIX_{COMMON,TIMEMACHINE}_FLAGS options (Carl Dong)
0f31e24703e25698d2d41fb54e30ec75a4a80943 guix: Add SUBSTITUTE_URLS option (Carl Dong)
444fcfca907d46cfeb52001599966cce25bdf54e guix: Make guix honor MAX_JOBS setting (Carl Dong)

Pull request description:

  After live-demo-ing a Guix build (which completed successfully!) on achow101's stream, I realized there were a few quality of life improvements which can be made to improve the user experience of our Guix build process. Here are a few of them.

  Notable changes:
  1. When `MAX_JOBS` is specified, both `guix time-machine` and `guix environment` will now build up to `MAX_JOBS` packages at a time when creating the build environment
  2. The instructions for using substitutes were incorrect, and has now been replaced with a `SUBSTITUTE_URLS` environment variable, which works well with shell's IFS splitting rules
  3. New `ADDITIONAL_GUIX_{COMMON,TIMEMACHINE}_FLAGS` options, for more granular customization of the build process.
  4. README cleanup

ACKs for top commit:
    ACK 570e43fe72e13e0a82e25f7145704f62b2c2cc52 - lets move this forward.

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