Merge #20222: refactor: CTxMempool constructor clean up

Merge #20222: refactor: CTxMempool constructor clean up

f15e780b9e57554c723bc02aa41150ecf3e3a8c9 refactor: Clean up CTxMemPool initializer list (Elle Mouton)
e3310692d0e9720e960b9785274ce1f0b58b4cd7 refactor: Make CTxMemPool::m_check_ratio a const and a constructor argument (Elle Mouton)
9d4b4b2c2c49774523de740d6492ee5b1ee15e74 refactor: Avoid double to int cast for nCheckFrequency (Elle Mouton)

Pull request description:

  This PR cleans up the CTxMemPool interface by including the ratio used to determine when a mempool sanity check should run in the constructor of CTxMempool instead of using nCheckFrequency which required a cast from a double to a uint32_t. Since nCheckFrequency (now called m_check_ratio) is set in the constructor and only every read from there after, it can be turned into a const and no longer needs to be guarded by the 'cs' lock.

  Since nCheckFrequency/m_check_ratio no longer needs to lock the 'cs' mutux, mutex lock line in the "CTxMempool::check" function can be moved below where the m_check_ratio variable is checked. Since the variable is 0 by default (meaning that "CTxMempool::check" will most likely not run its logic) this saves us from unnecessarily grabbing the lock.

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