Merge #20426: wallet: allow zero-fee fundrawtransaction/walletcreatef…

Merge #20426: wallet: allow zero-fee fundrawtransaction/walletcreatefundedpsbt and other fixes

9f08780dd7946b63476e9736745131db8e7f4e93 Use the correct incremental fee constant in bumpfee help (Jon Atack)
3f1e10b2b1cd11f7112fbad6355464bd4adbbc5c Update feeRate (BTC/kvB) to fee_rate (sat/vB) in wallet_bumpfee (Jon Atack)
1b3d7009280595108eb22ac1188bc4367804fc5d Allow zero-fee fundrawtxn and walletcreatefundedpsbt calls (Jon Atack)

Pull request description:

  - Fixes A check to raise an error on zero-fee txns was mistakenly extended in a0d4957 from the bumpfee and send{toaddress, many} RPCs to also include fundrawtransaction and walletcreatefundedpsbt. This commit re-overrides zero fee rate checking for these two RPCs, not only for the feeRate (BTC/kvB) arg to return to previous behavior, but also for the new fee_rate (sat/vB) arg. Negative fee rates will still raise "amount out of range" by the MoneyRange check in src/bitcoin-tx.cpp::AmountFromValue.

  - Updates a wallet bumpfee test from feeRate (BTC/kvB) to fee_rate (sat/vB)

  - Fixes to use the correct incremental fee rate constant in the bumpfee help  (thanks Marco Falke for the catch) and rectifies "1.000 sat/vB sat/vB" in the help to "1.000 sat/vB"

ACKs for top commit:
    review ACK 9f08780dd7946b63476e9736745131db8e7f4e93  🐾
    Code review ACK 9f08780dd7946b63476e9736745131db8e7f4e93.
    Code review reACK 9f08780dd7946b63476e9736745131db8e7f4e93.

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Merge #20426: wallet: allow zero-fee fundrawtransaction/walletcreatef… · bitcoin/bitcoin@816132e · GitHub