Merge #20000: test: fix creation of "std::string"s with \0s

Merge #20000: test: fix creation of "std::string"s with \0s

ecc6cf1a3b097b9b5b047282063a0b6779631b83 test: fix creation of std::string objects with \0s (Vasil Dimov)

Pull request description:

  A string literal `"abc"` contains a terminating `\0`, so that is 4
  bytes. There is no need to write `"abc\0"` unless two terminating
  `\0`s are necessary.

  `std::string` objects do not internally contain a terminating `\0`, so
  `std::string("abc")` creates a string with size 3 and is the same as
  `std::string("abc", 3)`.

  In `"\01"` the `01` part is interpreted as one number (1) and that is
  the same as `"\1"` which is a string like `{1, 0}` whereas `"\0z"` is a
  string like `{0, 'z', 0}`. To create a string like `{0, '1', 0}` one
  must use `"\0" "1"`.

  Adjust the tests accordingly.

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Merge #20000: test: fix creation of "std::string"s with \0s · bitcoin/bitcoin@2878167 · GitHub