Merge #20159: test: improvements …

Merge #20159: test: improvements (use MiniWallet, add logging)

b128b566725a5037fdaea99940d1b9de5553d198 test: add logging for (Sebastian Falbesoner)
8ee3536b2b77aeb3a48df5b34effbc7345ef34d8 test: remove unused helpers random_transaction(), make_change() and gather_inputs() (Sebastian Falbesoner)
fddce7e199308d96e366d700dca982ef088ba98b test: use MiniWallet for (Sebastian Falbesoner)

Pull request description:

  This PR enables one more of the non-wallet functional tests ( to be run even with the Bitcoin Core wallet disabled by using the new MiniWallet instead, as proposed in #20078. Also adds missing log messages for the subtests.

  This was the only functional test that used the `random_transaction` helper in `test_framework/`, hence it is removed, together with other helpers (`make_change` and `gather_inputs`) that were again only used by `random_transaction`.

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