Merge #17354: wallet: Tidy CWallet::SetUsedDestinationState

Merge #17354: wallet: Tidy CWallet::SetUsedDestinationState

0b75a7f0680d16a41043864a897470324917b1e8 wallet: Reuse existing batch in CWallet::SetUsedDestinationState (João Barbosa)
01f45dd00eb032a19d142026e4d019944192da19 wallet: Avoid recursive lock in CWallet::SetUsedDestinationState (João Barbosa)

Pull request description:

  This PR makes 2 distinct changes around `CWallet::SetUsedDestinationState`:
   - 1st the recursive lock is removed and now it requires the lock to be held;
   - 2nd change is to support, in the best case, just a wallet database flush when transaction is added to the wallet.

ACKs for top commit:
    ACK 0b75a7f0680d16a41043864a897470324917b1e8
    ACK 0b75a7f0680d16a41043864a897470324917b1e8
    Code review ACK 0b75a7f0680d16a41043864a897470324917b1e8. Code changes looks fine but PR description should be updated to say what benefits of the change are. I might have missed something, but I didn't see a place where multiple batches were used previously and a single batch was used now. So the main benefit of this change appears to be removing a recursive lock? And maybe moving toward a consistent convention for passing batch instances?

Tree-SHA512: abcf23a5850d29990668db20d6f624cca3e89629cc9ed003e0d05cde1b58ab2ff365034f156684ad13e55764b54c6c0c2bc7d5f96b8af7dc5e45a3be955d6b15

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